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Children’s Books: Coming Soon!

My next project wasn’t one that I anticipated, but nevertheless it’s here!  The Adventures of Aiden follows a young boy in his wildly imaginative and creative adventures. The book will be published as a series. The first volume is Outer Space, and is already getting rave reviews from kids in the 3-7 age range.  The […]

Hurricanes: Are You Prepared?

  The two main dangers I pay attention to with hurricanes are tornadoes and water damage. Living in Louisiana, we’ve seen our fair share of both including Hurricane Katrina. Storms can shift at any time. Do not ever think you are out of danger until the storm fully dissipates or heads back out to sea […]

The Day English Died

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Muse Available for NOOK Users

Muse has been added as a NOOK book through Barnes & Noble.  NOOK users can view the item here.   Several more books are in progress, and I’m hoping to have the next one done within a month.  Details to follow…

Muse is now available

The cover went through some changes, edits and more edits done, and finally this project can be marked as complete.  I am happy to strike this off the list; many other projects lie in wait.  More poetry, a novel, cookbooks, almanacs, and more still have to find their way to the top.  For today, I’ll […]

Upcoming Book: Muse ~ A Collection of Original Poetry

The first poetry collection is finally publishing soon!  It’s taken longer than I expected with edits and additions, but hopefully I will able to get this finished and available shortly.  The book features original poetry and accompanying images.  The cover was taken on Mackinac Island, Michigan, and has always been one of my favorite inspirational […]

I thought of you today…

I thought of you today. The way your eyes changed from green to blue, Sunlight reflecting such a beautiful hue, I searched them to find the meaning of you. I thought of you today. The way you always looked at me, Remember you down on one knee, Declaring forever we would be. I thought of […]