Muse is now available

The cover went through some changes, edits and more edits done, and finally this project can be marked as complete.  I am happy to strike this off the list; many other projects lie in wait.  More poetry, a novel, cookbooks, almanacs, and more still have to find their way to the top.  For today, I’ll […]

Upcoming Book: Muse ~ A Collection of Original Poetry

The first poetry collection is finally publishing soon!  It’s taken longer than I expected with edits and additions, but hopefully I will able to get this finished and available shortly.  The book features original poetry and accompanying images.  The cover was taken on Mackinac Island, Michigan, and has always been one of my favorite inspirational […]

Photography and Creativity

I recently wrote an article for LogoMyWay and was curious about my fellow WordPress neighbors and their photography preferences. I am always interested in what captures a photographer’s eye. I never look for anything specific. People, places, or objects jump out at me and in that instant I go for my camera. Sometimes the lone […]

Stuffed and Twice-Baked Potatoes: A weekly timesaver

I love baked potatoes.  Sadly, they are not something you can prepare quickly.  I came up with this weekly routine that is not only delicious, but a huge timesaver during the week.  Usually on a Sunday I will roast the potatoes, stuff them, and wrap for use during the week for lunches or a quick […]

Potato Galette, La Madeline style

Any time I go to La Madeline, I have to get the potato galette.  Crispy on the outside, creamy-soft on the inside, potato perfection.  While messing around with a hash brown creation, I happened to add a certain blend of herbs and shape into patties, and stumbled upon something that tasted exactly like the potato […]

Turkey Trials and Tribulations

First Turkey You would think at my age, and being once married, I would have cooked a traditional turkey before. Alas, I am still learning a lot about cooking, and it was time this obstacle got crushed. I read the advice, watched the television shows, read cookbooks, and searched online. I kept hearing about “brine”. […]

Beef Roast: Utilize your stock!

You can do this beef roast two ways: drop it in the crockpot and cover it, or take a few extra, flavorful steps. 1 beef roast, defrosted2 Garlic cloves1 container beef stock1 packet of gravy mix1 onion, diced2 tablespoons Italian seasonings or whatever you like best (rosemary works great with this)Rice Make a few slits […]