Children’s Books: Coming Soon!

My next project wasn’t one that I anticipated, but nevertheless it’s here!  The Adventures of Aiden follows a young boy in his wildly imaginative and creative adventures. The book will be published as a series. The first volume is Outer Space, and is already getting rave reviews from kids in the 3-7 age range.  The interior of the book is black and white to allow the pages to be colored, further extending the adventure into artistic creativity.  Visit the Facebook page here for more information or to sign up to test the story on your kids.  Anyone providing original feedback from kids ages 3-7 will get a free copy of the book when it goes to print.

More stories are coming soon, as well as a girl series and so much more!


2 comments on “Children’s Books: Coming Soon!

  1. Thanks for stopping by Cathy, and I’m glad you like the many variations of my little world here. I have replied to your other comments through email.

    Have a great evening,

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