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Test Team

Before I publish any children’s book, it is read, reviewed, and critiqued by my “Test Team.”  What is the Test Team?  It consists of around a dozen children ages 1-11.  Boys and girls are read the book by their parents and the parents give me feedback based on how the child liked or disliked certain aspects of the story.

The Adventures of Aiden was a huge hit with the male toddler audience, but it took some edits.  The testers said my first alien was too scary.  The alien was changed to a more friendly one, and the children rejoiced.  Another boy loved that the spaceship fuel was apple juice.  Little insights like this help ensure the final product is enjoyed by all who read it.

The Journeys of Juliette’s first book was fun to write, but one female tester said the boy should fall on his butt in the spacewalk.  Who am I to deny a little girl’s wish?  So the boy in the book fell on his butt.

All of the feedback received, whether good or bad, helps ensure that the best version of each book is published, and the Test Team is one step I will never skip.  If I had, well, children would be having nightmares from the alien in Aiden’s first book.  Writing for children – ask children.


I currently have two one opening on the test team.  The children should be 3 to 7 year old boys.  The next test team project will be the second edition of The Adventures of Aiden.  There is no cost or payment.  Once selected, the parent will receive a free digital copy of the book to read to or with their children.  The parent will provide feedback on the book, and edits will be made as necessary.  Once the book is published, the parent will receive a free print copy for their children (I will pay for the book and shipping as a thanks for participation).  Email me at kblacoste@yahoo.com with the subject “Test Team” if you are interested or comment below.

Status: 1 new Test Team member added, 1 spot remaining


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