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Photograph 27: Stock

Stock makes me think of many things.  Cooking stock, financials, farm animals, and some other random yet unimpressive items.  I could elaborate on cooking stock, but that would be a food-related rant that could possibly go on for days.  The main thought when seeing the New York Stock Exchange is the complexity of stock and financials.  […]

Photograph 26: Seasons

Season changes are sometimes welcomed events, and others dreaded.  Living in the south, the onset of spring only reminds residents that a long and horribly miserable summer is once again upon us.  It seems we really only have 2 seasons: an incredibly cold winter with the risk of freezing pipes or a humid, sweltering summer that […]

Photograph 25: Pink

I have never really cared for the color pink.  I don’t know if it is some sort of rebellion against the stereotypical “girly” color as I grew up pretty tomboyish or just never liked the color in particular.  Through the teen years, the alternative rock phase was pretty predominant and I wore mostly black for […]

Photograph 24: Swamp

I always laugh when people from other areas of the United States or the world ask me what a swamp is.  Something too familiar to me does not always exist in other parts of the world, and sometimes I’m not sure how to explain it.  It’s basically trees growing in water.  When it gets really […]

Photograph 23: GPS

I used to use a GPS whenever I had to go to an unfamiliar place.  Gone were the days of maps and directional websites.  I had an electronic gizmo suctioned cupped to my windshield to tell me where I had to go, where to turn, when to anticipate the next move.  They were pretty creative, you […]

Photograph 22: Watercress

I remember watching a movie scene where a fancy lunch was taking place outside.  The dish that was served was Cream of Watercress, which looked like a soup.  This puzzled me; what is watercress?    Turns out it’s just lettuce!  Okay, a fancy lettuce rich in vitamins and a history dating back centuries: “…the French are noted […]

Photograph 21: Isolation

Island to most people conjures thoughts of Gilligan or no electricity.  The ideas can be solitary and minimalistic, or on a grand Caribbean scale and lavish.  I have not traveled much outside of my country, but feel fortunate to have been to so many places inside of it.  I took the above photograph on an island […]