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Pet Advice

I’ve owned pets for as long as I can remember.  When I was a child I was obsessed with frogs.  Tree frogs, toads, didn’t matter.  I was convinced they would be so much happier inside my house than outside.  A few dead frogs in my mother’s closet and subsequent screams and I realized they were happier where they were.

Since then I have owned dogs and cats and love all animals.  I love them so much I became a pet “expert” and write as a staff member for Pets Adviser.  You can view their website, my articles, and check out their vBulletin forum that I manage.  I love being a part of something I truly love, and our animal lover team keeps it exciting and fun every day.  We publish articles and guides on all manner of pet care and behaviors, as well as attend dog shows and profile certain breeds every week.  Come stop by and check us out.

Pets Adviser website

Pets Adviser forum

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