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Keeping Up with Social Media


I don’t know how some people do it.  There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pin It, Stumble this, Digg that.  I get dizzy just thinking about all the different platforms people use to connect with others.  Then there are programs to help deal with them, but even that looks confusing.  I can’t imagine logging into every single one, every single day, and being a productive contact.  I do keep up with Facebook and Twitter a few times per day, but even that is plagued with confusion.

Take today for example.  I read an article that suggested you follow all of your followers while building your contacts as a sign of good manners.  So I head on over to Twitter, click on my followers, and what do you know — there’s a ton of them I’m not following.  So I go through the list and click them all, only to return to the home page and find that Twitter has automatically made me unfollow people.  Then I find out there is a limit to how many people you can follow and unfollow in a day.  How am I supposed to keep all of this straight?  What if I just followed the person that will inform me of the start of the zombie apocalypse, and Twitter takes them away!??!

I’m not computer-challenged by any means, but this many rules, guidelines, and websites can make a person dizzy.  I feel like I need an assistant for my assistant just to deal with social media.

How do you manage your social media?


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