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Creative Cover is born!

Creative Cover is born!. Advertisements

Attention Self-Publishers! Do you need an affordable graphic artist for your covers?

Self-publishing is the hottest trend right now.  Those of us that couldn’t get published through a national powerhouse can now do it on our own.  Sadly, some of us can create the page-turning intrigue, but we don’t have the skills to create one awesome and attention-getting cover. There is someone creating covers for self-publishers that […]

And the projects continue…

If you read my previous post, I have an upcoming manuscript to rewrite.  While waiting for the documents to be sent to me from the author, I am also trying to finish a book on relationships.  Going through a divorce, pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology, and having a surprising grasp on interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, […]

New Non-Fiction Book

  I am really excited about my next project.  I was approached to rewrite a manuscript for a non-fiction book.  I must say the story is compelling, if not shocking, but it is a story that needs to be told.  You can view the book’s Facebook page here to stay updated on the release.  The […]

Do you use reusable grocery bags?

The reusable grocery bag seemed ingenious at first, and I bought the bags as soon as they were available.  However, I do not always remember to bring them when I go to the store since the bags are thin and cannot hold much weight.  Most bags sold are thin and damage easily.  This was true […]

I need to know my sister’s name

This won’t be clean or easy.  Tonight wasn’t easy for me, so please bear the expected spelling and grammatical errors that I’m sure are forthcoming. My parents are going through their 349,467 separation, and a discussion evolved tonight between my mother and me that I was not expecting.  It started with going through my feelings […]

Free up space and save some cash

Check out this great guest post on Frugalarity on removing clutter, saving money, and possibly making money while freeing up time and storage space.  That reminds me, I still have appliances (mostly brand new) that I need to sell.