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Photograph 32: For the Birds

Images from a zoo trip have me wondering about birds.  What is beneficial about something that flies around and eats?  While the bird in the picture may not look beneficial, the category of bird encompasses many species.  Chicken is one of them; how could we do without chicken?  Ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, and more fall […]

Photograph 31: Oink

I see pork as a food substance.  I don’t generally associate it with animals that live and play in mud and eat concoctions poured in troughs.  It’s just meat.  Pork is generally associated with healthy eating, since lean portions are known to contain less harmful fat and provide protein.  It’s low in salt and contains […]

Photograph 30: Five Stars

Five star is a common rating system for something excellent.  You find them on books, restaurant reviews, and much more.  Five star is also my favorite type of notebook made by Mead.  The durable cover, pocket dividers, and perforated pages make it the only type of notebook I prefer to use.  They are a little […]

Photograph 29: Ladybugs

The cartoon version of a ladybug is so much cuter than the real thing.  After all, the insect has bug in the name.  What’s cute about that?  There are over 5,000 species of ladybugs.  That’s a lot of bugs!  In Europe, they are called ladybird beetles, which sounds like an aristocratic bug.  Maybe they are […]

Photograph 28: Fungi

Where’s the fun in fungi?  I can’t stand the taste of mushrooms but, oddly enough, cook them occasionally for guests.  The most common meal is crab-stuffed mushrooms, which is pretty simple to make.  Truffles are mentioned in fancier restaurants and recipes, and I’ve always been curious what a truffle, or truffle sauce, was.  It turns […]