About Me

I love to cook and I love photography.  I started this blog to combine the two and learn new information with my many random searches.

Food Fetish

I try to make everything I cook as healthy as possible.  Low-fat butter, minimal ground meat unless it’s really lean, trim the fat off of everything, and throw in vegetables whenever possible.  I’m pretty obsessive about the way my food looks on a plate, and will rearrange it until perfect for my picture.


A long lasting passion of mine is pictures.  I love taking them, finding unique things to photograph, and love getting the angle just right to create a different image entirely.  I don’t use any software to edit my photographs posted here; what you see is what I took.  Current companion is a Sony DSLR-A100.


Going back to college as an adult was scary, but turned out to be (for the most part) fun.  I have a spelling and grammar pet peeve, love to write (poetry, stories, anything), and cringe when I see some people write these days.  Another lucky ability is being able to read people, which goes hand-in-hand with my instinct.  I can always tell when someone is lying to me, interpret how a person feels through their typing or voice, and have been very successful at helping people understand others to resolve conflicts.  Combining all of the above brought me to English and Psychology Courses.  Some courses are easy, and others really make me work hard to keep my 4.0.  So far, so good.

Contact Information

I can be reached via email at kblacoste@yahoo.com.  My Twitter account is @kblacoste.


2 comments on “About Me

  1. I believe I’m lucky to find your blog at this hour of the night. I was really looking for myself… Great…

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