Amazon’s KDP is Enforcing Their Exclusivity

ABC LRC/Flickr I received an email today from Amazon.  They wanted to inform me that two of my digital books were also found on Barnes & Noble and needed to be removed.  I knew they were there and had read the KDP Select information when it first came out, but I didn’t pay much mind […]

Amazon’s Free Promotion Results

How is anyone supposed to find my book? I found out about free eBook promotions when I noticed a friend did it with one of her books.  It seemed like a great way to get your books into people’s hands (well, digital devices), so I decided to rotate three of my books into promotions.  After […]

Have You Held Free eBook Promotions?

Muse is free as a digital download through Amazon today.  I love their additional programs that allow users to buy and read ebooks without having to own a Kindle, and the free promotion gets more people reading my books.  This is the 3rd free promotion I have done so far, and I plan on going […]

Second Adventures of Aiden Book Coming Soon!

I’m starting on the 2nd book in the Aiden series, and it’s going to be an underwater, treasure-hunting adventure!  There will be magical characters – some helpful, some scary – in Aiden’s quest to find buried treasure.  I’m really excited about releasing another children’s book.  These, by far, are my favorite types of books to […]

Girls v. Boys

This book didn’t get nearly as many downloads as Aiden’s series, so that makes me wonder.  Do children’s books aimed at boys get better results right now?

Attention Self-Publishers! Do you need an affordable graphic artist for your covers?

Self-publishing is the hottest trend right now.  Those of us that couldn’t get published through a national powerhouse can now do it on our own.  Sadly, some of us can create the page-turning intrigue, but we don’t have the skills to create one awesome and attention-getting cover. There is someone creating covers for self-publishers that […]

And the projects continue…

If you read my previous post, I have an upcoming manuscript to rewrite.  While waiting for the documents to be sent to me from the author, I am also trying to finish a book on relationships.  Going through a divorce, pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology, and having a surprising grasp on interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, […]