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Amazon’s KDP is Enforcing Their Exclusivity

ABC LRC/Flickr I received an email today from Amazon.  They wanted to inform me that two of my digital books were also found on Barnes & Noble and needed to be removed.  I knew they were there and had read the KDP Select information when it first came out, but I didn’t pay much mind […]

Amazon’s Free Promotion Results

How is anyone supposed to find my book? I found out about free eBook promotions when I noticed a friend did it with one of her books.  It seemed like a great way to get your books into people’s hands (well, digital devices), so I decided to rotate three of my books into promotions.  After […]

Procrastination, self-hate, minor freak outs, and anxiety…oh, and I’m lazy

I have not posted on here in a while.  I have been meaning to.  Or I thought about it.  Once.  In the shower.  Or during one of many sleepless nights.  Either way, I finally said the hell with it.  I don’t need to be witty or charming.  I’m busy and freaking out on a manner […]

New Releases and New Page

The first volume of The Adventures of Aiden is now available for Kindle and NOOK users.  The print version is expected to be available Friday, September 9th. A new page has been added titled “Books” to keep all of my projects and their different versions on one page.

Bloggers with kids ages 3-7 wanted!

The Adventures of Aiden: Outer Space The book is nearing its publishing date, and I’d love to connect to parents for this book!  If you have kids aged 3-7 years old that you would like this book for, I am happy to offer a free digital copy in exchange for a review on your blog.  […]

Muse is now available

The cover went through some changes, edits and more edits done, and finally this project can be marked as complete.  I am happy to strike this off the list; many other projects lie in wait.  More poetry, a novel, cookbooks, almanacs, and more still have to find their way to the top.  For today, I’ll […]