Happy Surprise

It is nice to stumble upon the rarity of things working out earlier than expected.  I was surprised how easy and fast this book was to write and edit (thanks to my editors!), but I was not expecting it to be available two days early.  Hooray for surprises! This cute little surprise also means more […]

Reciprocity: Fact or Fiction?

  We all have those friends or acquaintances that ask us for advice, help, and much more.  I’m happy to comply with most requests being a helpful person by nature, but at what point do you ask for something in return?  Do you expect your good deed to “pay it forward” and come back later?  […]

Children’s books: Girl series set to release

Another fun project is nearing completion and I hope to have it released in the next week. The Journeys of Juliette: Disco Dilemma (Volume I) Curious and clumsy Juliette gets into some interesting situations – mostly by her own doing.  Follow her through conflict and celebration as she tries to defeat her toughest challenge: herself. […]

Custom Book Covers: How much is reasonable?

  I am working on securing an illustrator that creates custom, one-of-a-kind front and back covers for our authors. From real life images to cartoons, there’s nothing she can’t do. What would you pay for your custom creation? Answer the question here, and hopefully this affordable service will be made available soon!

Write to Unite: Join our author network

Write to Unite We all have our social corners of the internet world.  We connect with friends, family, coworkers, and other artists.  We market and promote where we can, support each other as often as possible, and keep working hard every day.  Write to Unite is a support group on Facebook based off of this […]

The Adventures of Aiden: Outer Space – Print version released

The print version has been released (a day earlier than expected!) and is now available from Amazon by visiting here. Additional versions (digital) listed on the Books page.

New Releases and New Page

The first volume of The Adventures of Aiden is now available for Kindle and NOOK users.  The print version is expected to be available Friday, September 9th. A new page has been added titled “Books” to keep all of my projects and their different versions on one page.