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Second Adventures of Aiden Book Coming Soon!

I’m starting on the 2nd book in the Aiden series, and it’s going to be an underwater, treasure-hunting adventure!  There will be magical characters – some helpful, some scary – in Aiden’s quest to find buried treasure.  I’m really excited about releasing another children’s book.  These, by far, are my favorite types of books to write.

I also always consult my test team!  I have a small group of friends with children aged 1.5-11 who test all my books before they are published.  This turned out to be a really good thing for the first Aiden book; the alien was too scary and the “test team” said he needed to look more friendly. Who is going to argue with kids, eh?  So the alien got a friendlier look and smile, and the toddlers rejoiced.


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