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Amazon’s Free Promotion Results

How is anyone supposed to find my book?

I found out about free eBook promotions when I noticed a friend did it with one of her books.  It seemed like a great way to get your books into people’s hands (well, digital devices), so I decided to rotate three of my books into promotions.  After 30 days and a lot of social media plugging along the way, here are the results.

The Adventures of Aiden: Outer Space (5 day promotion)
US Downloads: 492
UK Downloads: 19
IT Downloads: 01 (Italy)
DE Downloads: 01 (Germany)
Total downloads: 513

The Journeys of Juliette: Disco Dilemma (5 day promotion)
US Downloads: 113
UK Downloads: 18
DE Downloads: 01 (Germany)
Total downloads: 132

Muse (1 day promotion)
US Downloads: 51
UK Downloads: 5
Total downloads: 56

So what do all of these numbers mean, and why do the free promotions?  I used social media to get the word out, and the books enjoyed some great top 10 spots (and a few #1 and #2’s) in the Kindle Free store.   I was able to reach 701 people who normally would have never seen or heard about any of my books.  Now they are reading them, unless they were one of my friends or family that hit the download button out of obligation.  I also made some great connections through Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and quite a few more media outlets I hadn’t used before.

Another great benefit was being able to gauge which book was more appealing.  Aiden’s book received the highest downloads, and I was given some great feedback on how to improve Juliette’s cover.  Muse was only free for one day due to some digital hiccup on Amazon, but the numbers achieved for one day still look good.  It’s not as easy to find poetry lovers, or I’m just looking in the wrong place.

Would I do it again?  Of course, and I’m already planning the next promotions while working on two other books.  I only wish I could write faster, but those pesky real life responsibilities keep getting in the way.

Have you ever used free promotions for your digital books?  How was your experience?

Photo credit: bhamgal/Flickr


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