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Friends for Erin: Are you in the 0.2% that can save her life?

Despite years of dialysis, Erin keeps a great attitude and continues through the many surgeries, relocating of ports (access for dialysis), and attending school to help animals in a bigger way. We’d like her to have that chance, and we’re asking you to share this page in the hopes of finding her a match that can donate a kidney.

Only 0.2% of the population is estimated to be suitable matches for Erin, so we’re hoping to find some of those people. Going through the testing myself, the first blood typing test determines your blood type (unless you already have documentation for it) and the second is an antibody test to see if her body can accept your donation. The second test cost $25 at my local hospital and was very fast – a few tubes and you’re out of there.

Unfortunately I am not a match, but I’d love if you would consider getting testing and becoming her donor. If not, please at least pass this on, share with friends, family, and anyone that might be willing to try.

To make contact with Erin’s coordinator, contact:

Barbara Loiselle
University Hospital, Cleveland
(216) 844-2773

Thank you for reading and sharing this important page as Erin’s friends try to help make sure she stays with us.

Blood types B or O, and a very few AB blood types are the optimum donors. If you have this blood type and are willing to get tested, you just might save the life of someone who’s trying to find a donor within a 0.2% possibility throughout the entire population. Erin has no kidneys and lives off of dialysis (and has for years), which is now a critical situation because of limited access for her to receive treatment.

Like this, share this, and maybe we can stumble upon her 0.2%.

Erin’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-For-Erin/283665968324156


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