The BP Scramble

Potato, patahto, jacket, spud

The BP Scramble, aka The Baked Potato Scramble.

I know, I know, you don’t scramble potatoes.  Bear with me as I describe my new experiment.

I have posted a recipe before for stuffed baked potatoes, but sometimes I also roast a batch of potatoes without stuffing them for use during the week for easy meals.  I had two left over this morning and got an idea.  I can already hear you saying, “oh no!”  Bear with me, this idea worked out well.

I diced one of the pre-baked potatoes, about one tablespoon of butter, and two tablespoons of finely diced onions, and threw it all into a skillet to get friendly.  I tossed the potatoes with basil, parsely, and oregano (oregano is the signature spice in La Madeline’s potato galette that took me a few tries to determine).  While the potatoes were crisping up, I mixed two eggs, some diced cheddar, pepper, parsley, and mixed until frothy.  Once the potatoes were turning brown on the edges, I poured the egg mixture on top.  Toss and scramble until eggs are set.

I love any form of potato, whether it be hash browns, mashed potatoes, fries, or stuffed and baked potatoes.  This was a fun way to incorporate baked potatoes into breakfast.  I didn’t get any pictures, but I’m sure I will be making this again soon.  Have you found any fun and surprising ingredients to jazz up breakfast?


2 comments on “The BP Scramble

  1. YUM!!!! I love potatoes! I may have to try this recipe. (In other words, make my husband cook it for me.) 🙂

    • I love potatoes too, and there are so many ways to cook them that do not include fat or grease. Hash browns are always a labor of love since I use a handheld grater for the potatoes and onions, so I don’t make those often. The oregano was such a great discovery, and I have been adding it to other potato dishes. A 5-pound bag of potatoes runs between $3 to $5, and you really get a lot for your money. I’ll be looking for more creative ways to use them, and next time I need to remember to take pictures.

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