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Happy Surprise

It is nice to stumble upon the rarity of things working out earlier than expected.  I was surprised how easy and fast this book was to write and edit (thanks to my editors!), but I was not expecting it to be available two days early.  Hooray for surprises!

This cute little surprise also means more work.  I made an agreement with myself when I started writing books under my own name: only one book at a time allowed.  No starting a new book until the previous one is finished and published.  I am trying to stop myself from jumping head-first into my next project and just enjoy this small accomplishment. 

Just relax for one day I keep telling myself.

I do have a final due next week, so I suppose I could work on school for now.  The novel is eying me from the desktop, crying for its next chapter.  It will have to wait.


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