Photography and Creativity

I recently wrote an article for LogoMyWay and was curious about my fellow WordPress neighbors and their photography preferences. I am always interested in what captures a photographer’s eye. I never look for anything specific. People, places, or objects jump out at me and in that instant I go for my camera. Sometimes the lone flower in a sea of weeds will appear, a building’s architecture will have me in awe, or I can be in transit and just have capture what I see (shown below).


What inspires you to photograph?


Mackinac Bridge, Michigan taken at 50mph while hanging out of a sunroof

2 comments on “Photography and Creativity

  1. I hope you weren’t the driver. LOL This is a powerful image. What inspires me? A smile (or a frown sometimes) on a child’s face. The magic light in the forest. I agree with you…being receptive is most important. John Daido Loori (and his mentor Minor White) suggest we photograph without expectations. Then we are always open to the unexpected.

    • I wasn’t driving this time! We were going over the bridge and when I saw this approaching, I grabbed my camera and shouted, “slow down!” Ah, the things we do for photography. Great sentiment you added, and thanks for the comment.

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