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I don’t know if you missed me…

But I missed you!  I have been inundated with so many projects that I am slacking in other areas.  This blog is one of them.  I still have a large number of recipes to add, books to finish, a poetry collection to publish, and my Ph.D. research just started.  My demands are heavy and my free time limited, but I will do my best to contribute here when I can.

Another great aspect of having a love for writing is finding others that share your passion.  Sure the niche may not be the same, but who likes monotony?  I have met some talented writers over the last few months, and everything they write either makes me smile or learn something new.

One in particular published a book this year, and this recommendation is long overdue.  Mysti Guymon-Reutlinger is a freelance writer and author who published The Pantry Cleaner: Chemical Free Cleaning after her prematurely-born son came home needing extra special care.  Her passion for making sure he was safe and adapting to a new cleaning regime has helped so many others through her advice and sharing her recipes for a chemically-free home.  Click the image below to learn more about her new strategy for a clean home.  Her book is available for digital download or paperback.



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