Potato Galette, La Madeline style

Any time I go to La Madeline, I have to get the potato galette.  Crispy on the outside, creamy-soft on the inside, potato perfection.  While messing around with a hash brown creation, I happened to add a certain blend of herbs and shape into patties, and stumbled upon something that tasted exactly like the potato galette.


I grated  a few potatoes and diced some onions.  I added in green onion, salt, pepper, parsley, pinch of basil, and a pinch of oregano.  Oregano.  That is the ingredient that gives the potato galette that distinct taste.  Woohoo, I can make them at home and not go out!

Skillet Time!

I put them in a skillet over medium heat with some oil, about 5 minutes per side.


Absolutely amazing discovery!  You never know what you can create until you try.  Sometimes the best fails turn out to be successes.


10 comments on “Potato Galette, La Madeline style

  1. Except that the la Madeleine menu says they have egg, mashed potatoes and Parmesan cheese in them. I’m going to make them tonight, using your recipe as a base and adding the other ingredients.

    • They came out very much like the texture of the la Madeleine galette but I overdid it with the spices. My daughter said it should be “sweeter,” so I’m thinking next time I’ll replace the thyme with basil and cut back on the rosemary. I also used chives instead of onion because I think I remember seeing them in the galette at the restaurant. A work in process, I guess.

      By the way, the term galette is strange to me. A galette, to me, is layers of sliced potatoes with lots of butter and salt and pepper, seated on the bottom in the stove, then finished in the oven,

  2. I make mine pretty much like a Rosti. I’ll take a medium sized potato and parboil it until just about tender, remove from the pan and let cool, refrigerate for an hour or so maybe 2. I then grate the potato, skins and all into a bowl and season with salt and I use white pepper for this. Put a tablespoon of duck fat and a tablespoon of butter in a skillet or heavy based pan, put a handful of the potato in, give it a minute or so then press it fairly flat and shape into a “patty”. Depending on your cooker, I turn the heat down to just about medium then cook for another 10 minutes or so before turning the rosti at which point you will most likely need another tablespoon each of the butter and duck fat in the pan. The rosti should be golden brown on the cooked side, cook for another 10 minutes, remove onto kitchen paper before serving. Just my interpretation.

  3. I guess I’m the only one who can’t do this, but when I made these galettes, I couldn’t get them to stay together in “patties.” I tried the recipe with an egg, which came out a little better. Maybe I don’t have the pan hot enough? It just seems like there needs to be some liquid to hold them together as they’re cooking.

    • I had these last night at the restaurant but had to check the website for allergens first. It said there is parmesan cheese in these. I’m guessing that’s the binder.

  4. wow I haven’t been on here in a while, going to try and make these again, this Sunday, and I was wondering if you potato was already pre cooked or not

    • The potato was uncooked when I made these. Try to remove as much liquid from the potatoes as possible before cooking them.


  5. Merle,

    I don’t have exact measurements, sorry. I think I grated two potatoes, added one egg, half a diced onion, and seasonings (parsley and oregano). The oregano gives it that unique taste similar to the restaurant. I hope this helps!

  6. Can I have the recipe???? Please I LOVE POTATO GALETTE from La Madeleine

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