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Uninspired Procrastination

Today is a blah day.  Whether it was not enough sleep, interrupted sleep, the pile of tasks that I need to do, or the remaining irritation from having points taken off a paper, I don’t want to do anything.  Speaking of that paper, if you’re going to take points off for incorrect APA citations, maybe you should actually read the citations?  You would have found them to be correct, but once again I have to fight for the grades I have rightfully earned.  This is becoming an expected occurrence; it has happened in every class this year.  If I’m paying the school $1,200 per class, and I have to pay attention, why can’t the teachers?  It is even more laughable when I see my English professor posting a question to another student without proper punctuation.  You got a Ph.D. how, exactly? 

Enough complaining about school, I need to find some energy and inspiration.  There is laundry to do, a paper to revise, and bruschetta with too much balsamic vinegar that needs a solution.  My first thought is to add more balsamic vinegar, stock, and tomatoes and cook it down for a sauce.  I have some attractive farfalle and rigatoni that have been waiting to debut, but I have a hard time deciding whether to add chicken or just keep it vegetarian.  I have pounds of chicken defrosted for my homemade chicken spaghetti everyone loves.  Did I put that in the crock pot this morning?  Nope.  Now there is not enough time to make it properly.  The leftover ground beef that was supposed to go into a chili stares at me from the top shelf.  No, I did not forget about you. 

Audubon Zoo, New Orleans


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