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The Demise of Upkeep

Much like the flowers above, this blog has been dead since I threw those out.  Time to get off my rear and get back at it.  I think the requirement of posting a picture every single day feels more like work, and not fun.  So I will post when I feel like it, and get back to the fun part.

I’m still cooking and creating new recipes, and I’ll start sharing those here.  I have also been knee-deep in college courses, and recently found out that with all the thousands of dollars I was awarded, I lack enough funds to start doubling my courses.  So much for speeding up the masters and PhD degrees.  I have since added a page for donations, so if you use any of my pictures and feel guilty, click it!  It keeps me from stripping or selling drugs to pay for school.  (that’s a joke Mom)


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