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Photograph 32: For the Birds

Images from a zoo trip have me wondering about birds.  What is beneficial about something that flies around and eats?  While the bird in the picture may not look beneficial, the category of bird encompasses many species.  Chicken is one of them; how could we do without chicken? 

Ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, and more fall into the bird category.  Some birds are essential to coffee plants, since they eat the bugs and insects that can destroy the coffee production.  Gives you something to think about next time when waiting at the cafe.  Chickens produce eggs, a staple in today’s culinary creations and our everyday use.  Birds have been called ecologically and economically important for many reasons.

Birds can indicate quality factors of our environment.  In the 1960’s, falcons in the United Kingdom and raptors in the United States drastically dropped in reproduction.  It turns out the pesticides were making their eggs fragile, lowering survival rates for offspring.  This was an alarm to humans about the dangers of pesticides and their effects.  Miners used to take canaries into mines.  When the birds stopped singing, it meant dangerous gases were escaping into the air.  To think a little noisy animal could save your life is pretty eye-opening. 


Source: http://www.scstsenvis.nic.in/benfit_birds.htm


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