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Photograph 31: Oink

I see pork as a food substance.  I don’t generally associate it with animals that live and play in mud and eat concoctions poured in troughs.  It’s just meat.  Pork is generally associated with healthy eating, since lean portions are known to contain less harmful fat and provide protein.  It’s low in salt and contains iron, zinc, some B vitamins, selenium, and phosphorus.

I can’t say that I use pork frequently, but it usually makes an appearance once a week.  The most common meals are pork chops and roasts, which usually end up in barbecue sauce.  On the rare occasion, pork ribs are really good.  I much prefer them to beef ribs, which are strewn throughout with strains of fat in places that make it impossible to trim it off.  The pork ribs have less fat and are more tender when cooked properly.  I haven’t made those in quite some time, so I may add that to my list for the next market trip.


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