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Photograph 30: Five Stars

Five star is a common rating system for something excellent.  You find them on books, restaurant reviews, and much more.  Five star is also my favorite type of notebook made by Mead.  The durable cover, pocket dividers, and perforated pages make it the only type of notebook I prefer to use.  They are a little more expensive than other brands or generic counterparts, but have a durability that is consistent in quality and has been for years.

It is a little amusing to me in this technological age that pen and paper are still used.  I have access to multiple computers, word processing software, and much more, but I often find myself preferring to write.  Sometimes it helps me absorb information by writing it out; other times I just like to write.  Script, cursive, and doodling can take place every day or just randomly.  I have a pen fetish too.  I will only use one type of pen, no matter what.  But that’s an obsession for another day.


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