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Photograph 28: Fungi

Where’s the fun in fungi?  I can’t stand the taste of mushrooms but, oddly enough, cook them occasionally for guests.  The most common meal is crab-stuffed mushrooms, which is pretty simple to make.  Truffles are mentioned in fancier restaurants and recipes, and I’ve always been curious what a truffle, or truffle sauce, was.  It turns out that a truffle is a type of mushroom. 

There are a few types and are extremely rare, accounting for their high price.  The taste is best described as having a garlic flavor mixed with an “earthy” flavor.  The truffle mushrooms grow in a few countries and in two states in the US.  People that search for these mushrooms during their growing season used to use pigs to find them, since the smell omitted is similar to that of a male pig.  Say it with me: yuck.  The pigs were phased out though, because most often when the pigs found the expensive mushroom, it was a struggle to withhold them from eating it.  Since then, dogs have been trained to detect the scent of the mushroom and are commonly used today.


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