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Photograph 27: Stock

Stock makes me think of many things.  Cooking stock, financials, farm animals, and some other random yet unimpressive items.  I could elaborate on cooking stock, but that would be a food-related rant that could possibly go on for days.  The main thought when seeing the New York Stock Exchange is the complexity of stock and financials.  Anyone that knows me knows quite well that I despise math, so the thought of looking at numbers and percentages make me cringe.  In previous years, I did invest in the stock market but generally based my decisions on the level of risk and not much else.  I did get somewhat detailed with it, reading the newspaper and watching the daily fluctuations considering how it affected my balance.  Just thinking about it now hurts my head.

As I get older, I consider real estate and education far safer (and better) investments than placing your money in someone else’s care and watching numbers change as often as a clock ticks.  A home is something I can see.  An education facilitates stability, work ethics, and income.  These things feel concrete to me, and to feel safe in life I believe I need to feel safe in financial decisions as well.  The idea of not being able to provide for a family or have a place to live is something I really don’t want to worry about later in life.  Hopefully the changes I have made and the goals I intend to achieve will facilitate that sense of security.


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