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Photograph 26: Seasons

Season changes are sometimes welcomed events, and others dreaded.  Living in the south, the onset of spring only reminds residents that a long and horribly miserable summer is once again upon us.  It seems we really only have 2 seasons: an incredibly cold winter with the risk of freezing pipes or a humid, sweltering summer that sees temperatures well in the 110s.  We get a short tease in between of beautiful, breezy weather that may last a week or two if we’re lucky.  This is another reason I love to travel to other climates so much.  There is less or no humidity and seasons are clearly defined.

Fall is usually apparent when leaves begin changing colors.  I have seen this in places like Connecticut, Virginia, and a host of other states and it is beautiful.  Fall lasts weeks, if not months, and includes enjoyable and cooler weather.  The winters are a bit harsher, of course, but I have always loved the snow so that is not an issue.  I do look forward to leaving the humidity behind and look forward to the day I don’t have to dread going outside because I will sweat within minutes.


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