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Photograph 25: Pink

I have never really cared for the color pink.  I don’t know if it is some sort of rebellion against the stereotypical “girly” color as I grew up pretty tomboyish or just never liked the color in particular.  Through the teen years, the alternative rock phase was pretty predominant and I wore mostly black for a few years.  As I got older, I started experimenting with more colors (you really can only wear so much black).  Blue made an entrance and has long become a favorite color of mine.  I will admit there was a breakdown of reasoning and I did purchase a few pink items of clothing.  They were not worn often, but at least I can say I made an attempt!

I still associate pink with mostly baby girls.  Color invention is not something that has ever really crossed my mind, and like most new things, I want to know the where and the when and the why to its start.  Turns out there isn’t much information on the color pink except a long time ago a belief that bathing in a certain color of light cured ailments.  Antibiotics proved that theory quite fallible, but another arose: “…during World War II the Nazis used a color- & shape-coded system to keep track of their prisoners. Jews were given a yellow star of David to wear to identify them. Homosexuals were given a pink inverted triangle, which is also half a star of David. During WWII, the color pink would not have had a feminine or masculine association. It is my theory that the association of pink as a feminine color began with the use of the pink triangle back in the twentieth century by Nazi Germany. The association of pink with homosexuality could have changed or morphed into representing the feminine during this time.”


Interesting to say the least.  In the above theory, homosexuals gave way for the feminine association of pink.  I didn’t see that coming, but interesting nonetheless.


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