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Photograph 24: Swamp

I always laugh when people from other areas of the United States or the world ask me what a swamp is.  Something too familiar to me does not always exist in other parts of the world, and sometimes I’m not sure how to explain it.  It’s basically trees growing in water.  When it gets really hot in the summer, it actually creates a smell that is pretty offensive.  Growing up, the main home I grew up in backed up to a swamp.  On certain sunny days, you could go into the backyard and see a white albino alligator climb up on the bank and sun himself for the day. 

Beyond alligators, there were plenty of “critters” to be found in such an area.  I always had a soft spot for cats and dogs, and as a normal practice would leave food out overnight.  Most often was cat food, since they were the most frequent visitors.  I would leave the bowl of food outside my bedroom window.  One night, I was awoken by sounds of the container being stirred, and imagine my surprise when I saw a nutria devouring the cat food.  A nutria (you can Google it) looks like a cat but is furry and pretty disgusting looking.  Needless to say, I stopped leaving cat food out after that.


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