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Photograph 23: GPS

I used to use a GPS whenever I had to go to an unfamiliar place.  Gone were the days of maps and directional websites.  I had an electronic gizmo suctioned cupped to my windshield to tell me where I had to go, where to turn, when to anticipate the next move.  They were pretty creative, you could even customize the voice of the person speaking to you.  I remember I chose a British speaking woman and she would give her directions as needed.  Sure, sometimes the constant voice overs became annoying.  “Turn left in 200 yards.”  “Turn left in 100 yards.”  “Turn left now.”  Okay, I got it.  Left turn coming up.

Don’t believe she was infallible.  She would take me to the weirdest places, even though I knew the address existed yet she led me elsewhere.  A few phone calls and annoyance later and I would make my late entrance.  Sometimes she was the only reason I was late!  I’m sure you’re laughing that I am referring to my GPS as “she” but it certainly seemed to take on a personality of its own.  For the most part, she was accurate and most times got me to my destination. 

I stopped driving as much after working from home and getting divorced, so I gave the GPS to my parents.  They often travel with a laptop and wireless internet card, but have found a use for it.  Now someone new can yell at the British woman.


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