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Photograph 21: Isolation

Island to most people conjures thoughts of Gilligan or no electricity.  The ideas can be solitary and minimalistic, or on a grand Caribbean scale and lavish.  I have not traveled much outside of my country, but feel fortunate to have been to so many places inside of it.  I took the above photograph on an island after riding the rental bicycle all day.  It was not too intimidating; the entire island could be circled by bicycle within a few hours.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the water was blue.  I remember being relaxed and enjoying taking in all the sights around me while being quite a few states away from home.

This island is more of a tourist attraction, and as such there were many buildings and homes designed for viewing.  The restaurants were located in the quaint, downtown area and much was in walking distance.  While by the dock, I had to giggle as a UPS truck was brought in by ferry.  They did not allow motorized vehicles of any kind on the island, so UPS had to float their truck over, unload the packages into a horse and buggy carriage, then travel to their destination for delivery.  Definitely not something you see every day.

Is forgoing the common indulgences of this technological age satisfying?  I pondered this while spending my day there.  Cell phones did not work, travel was limited to bicycles or horses, and it was as if I had stepped back into a slower time.  There was no rush of business people, horns honking, or overhead wires everywhere.  Just a slow, steady pace of existence and serenity.  I could easily see myself in such a place, although I imagine keeping up with this blog might prove problematical.  In my mind, that would be a small sacrifice worthwhile.


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