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Photograph 19: Building Blocks

The mosaic tile pieces make me think of building blocks.  Currently studying psychology, I am fascinated by how much I am learning and understanding about the way people develop.  I have an amazing instinct and can read people well, but have never been able to answer the question of why people are, well, the way they are.  My current class breaks down the phases of human development, from birth to death.  While there are many theories, some speculative and others confirmed and considered the model standard, I finally begin to realize what produces the end result.  I look at these as building blocks that exist within all adults.

As a summary, there are certain stages in our younger years that assess certain developments.  If one is underdeveloped or not nurtured, certain attributes are not present later in life.  For example, a child that always receives negative reinforcement understands that while they may do something bad, the punishment will be altered or not as harsh as expected.  They grow older with a more lax attitude towards discipline and respect for authority.  A parent that sticks to the exact punishment they set teaches the child that they have done something wrong and must suffer the consequences in full.  Other areas of development create memory association, will, defense mechanisms, identity, ideas about fidelity, and even the ability to have intimate (emotional) relationships.  I won’t bore you with all the types or details, but all of this information has really shed a light on why some people exhibit the personalities and habits they have.

Whenever my mother is doing something and another person is around, she constantly sighs.  Is she tired?  Is she developing asthma?  What’s wrong?  Through learning more psychology, and remembering this habit of hers, it helps me understand why she does it without asking her.  The act itself is done to project an image of, “I’m working so hard here.”  Even miniscule tasks are accompanied by it.  I do not know if this is an attempt for attention, sympathy, or some round about way to ask for help.  When my father is around, I believe it is the same as the above but also her seeking his approval and praise. 

Whatever it may be, every time she does it I want to buy her an inhaler.  Even to this day, she still does it.  Sometimes constantly!  I often mimic her breathing dramatically or ask if she is okay, poking fun of course.  Then again, that makes me think, what habit do I have that drives people crazy?


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