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Photograph 17: Portal

I want a portal.  I portal to another place, a portal to another time, just a way to be able to explore or get away.  I often wonder, if given no restrictions, where would most people go?  When I think about time travel, there really isn’t one place in my earlier past that I would go.  No one memory stands out above the rest.  I start to think my life isn’t memorable.  It sounds harsh, but is it true?  The stress and multitasking I am going through right now seems to be clouding not only my judgment, but also my thought.

I long to be back in Central Park.  No distractions, a blanket, and an afternoon nap.  No thoughts really encompassed me that day; relaxation and exploration was all to be had.  Don’t think me naive; I know having every day in that manner is bewildering in the idea of its possibility.  But I do think scaling back the outside negativity and constraints would be far better than remaining the same.  Yet again, as with my many ramblings, I talk about but don’t do it.  No changes are really made and I am still in the same routine.  What will it take for me to finally start making some changes?  Obviously as busy as my head is, the solution will not come today.


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