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Photograph 16: Time

The usual cliché’s apply: time marches on, there’s always time, and on and on.  In four days time I will have spent 32 years on this earth and looking back, it feels like mere minutes.  Living within certain moments at younger ages seem to encompass the world, such as the stresses of a teenager, first love, rebellion, and angst.  I often have to remind myself that my life has been more than a minute.

I remember the first love, I remember the first pain.  I remember having no idea where my life was going, and one day often turned into an eternity.  I have loved and been loved.  I have hurt and been hurt.  I have survived the worst of people and been lucky to meet a few of the best.  I survived a marriage with a shelf life, as most do these days, but walked away knowing I am forever emblazoned on the hearts of two children.  I was reminded much later in life what amazing people my parents can be.  I have learned to walk outside my own shell and see those around me.  Life isn’t about us, it’s what we do with it.  So what do I do with mine?

First thing’s first: education.  The second?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see where life leads me…


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