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Photograph 14: Purple Haze

Do you ever feel like there is a cloud over your eyes?  So many thoughts get in the way sometimes, I find it hard to focus.  I can’t eliminate all the distractions.  There are things I need to do, such as my assignments with their constant deadlines, but I feel pulled in so many directions and it’s harder than ever to focus right now.

My mood has a lot to do with this.  I have been dedicated to one thing feverishly, but the one time there is an issue with my work I lose all drive.  I don’t feel motivated, am stressed, do not want to move on to the next assignment – just completely deflated.  I don’t know what to do or change to get out of this “funk.” 

To place my focus on something else until I regroup, I’m trying to catch up here so I can feel some sense of accomplishment.  The motivation and redirection I usually get from another is unavailable, so I forge ahead alone.


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