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Photograph 9: Centered

Did you ever find a place that made you feel so at ease, you never wanted to leave?  More places like this exist than we realize.  We are so busy with our day-to-day responsibilities that we think we only find such surprises when on vacation.  Truth is, any place can give you that serenity.  Stop on your walk to the mailbox.  Pull off the road and see where that hidden path leads.  Stop for a moment and actually absorb what is around you.  Clarity is closer than you think.

The above was taken in Central Park, New York.  I love the center of the park by the baseball diamonds.  From this perspective, you truly get a sense of how valuable those few miles are within the city.  So much congestion, chaos, urgency; it is something so very common and expected about New York.  Venture into this area and it’s as if you entered another planet.  There are no sirens.  There are no horns.  There are no waiting lines.  The beast is satiated outside its walls.  In here you find quiet, greenery, children playing, couples walking, games being played, and a little bit of history.

Strawberry Fields has the aura of John Lennon.  Extensive bike paths you didn’t know existed make you wish you brought one.  Lush, green hills make you long for a blanket.  Ice skating in the winter, picnics in the summer, and the scattered vendors make me think of a life less hectic.  The atmosphere makes me believe that everything is about perspective.  The craziness of the city is daunting and bustling.  Walk a few steps into the park and you forget the city even exists until you look up and see the skyscrapers in the perimeter.  Take the time to stop and find your hidden path.  Just be careful, you might get so relaxed that you will fall asleep.

In my New York, in my Central Park, I did just that.


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