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Photograph 7: Onionisms

A green onion sounds like an onion that is green.  They taste a little different, and look a little different, but what are they really?  I get confused when I see the word scallion and also wonder what that is.  Another web search initializes to quell the questions.

A few forums and related search results tell me that a green onion is just another type of onion.  The differences listed match those of my observations: a slightly different taste and appearance.  So what’s a scallion?  Turns out it is the exact same thing as a green onion.  Shallot shows up and once again, I’m confused.  Like I need another word to figure out!  I sigh and click on the link, only to find out it’s another type of onion and can also be called a scallion.  So in summary, there are many types of onions that can all be called scallions yet are grown differently, appear differently, and taste differently.  No, I’m not confused at all.

I sense an onion experiment in the grocery is coming…


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