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Photograph 4: Butter

This photograph makes me think of butter.  I see the liquid streaks on the bowl and not the vegetables.  I use butter in so many things that I cook.  I do make an effort to use a light or low fat/low calorie version instead of some of those that make you think of Crisco and triple bypasses.  Is it really that harmful for us?

A quick search results in the great butter versus margarine debate.  I keep digging and find fun little facts, like Wikipedia’s description of butter creation in Africa and Near East.  There they fill goat skin with milk and water and inflate it with air.  They seal it and hang it on branches, swaying until it turns to butter.  I envision cooking and needing more butter; “oh wait, I have some on the tree outside.”  Okay silliness aside, I forge on…

Butter contains mostly saturated fat.  Add in some high cholesterol and you have a recipe for heart problems.  In another search, I see organic butter being called nutritious, can have a positive effect on health, and prevent disease.  Does this mean I have to hunt around for organic butter?  Another search brings me to a discussion board that says go for any unsalted plain butter, citing Organic Valley as the best organic version.  Well, they don’t have that at my local store.  I usually use a light version of Country Crock, which is lower in fat and cholesterol than the other brands.  Considering the work involved to find the organic butter, not to mention I just found the nutritional facts showing it contains 7 more grams of fat and 30mg more of cholesterol than the one I am currently using, I think I’ll stick with what I have.

It’s either that or get a cow, and I’m not the farmer type.


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