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Photograph 3: Granite

I love the cold, hard feeling of granite.  The surface alone has this aura about it…it doesn’t need enhancements or defining.  It stands as something strong, reliant, and everlasting.

I have gathered experience throughout the years in various areas of construction and it is something I love.  I can remember in my younger years thinking a wall is just a wall; I had no idea anything was behind it!  Working at a concrete company, and later an aggregates producer, helped me learn more about those materials than I will ever want to know.  From the quarry to the custom colored stamping, there are so many things that can be made sturdy, and even beautiful, from these raw products.

A few years later I agreed to purchase and renovate a neglected family property with my parents.  Little did I know I would learn a lot more than I expected.  I learned demolition is fun and fast!  That’s the best part and has instant results, not to mention the feeling of smashing into something without consequences.  I learned what was hidden behind those walls, how to use power tools of all sorts (compound sliding saw is my favorite!), was introduced to mold, foundation repair, and so much more.  I keep that knowledge and experience with me today and look forward to getting another property to make my own.


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