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Photograph 2: Diced

Cooking is something I truly love. I can be content just dicing and chopping things for hours, thinking of new recipes, and shopping at the store finding ingredients I don’t normally buy to play with.

Anything fresh usually goes bad pretty quickly, so shortly after buying things like fresh vegetables I dice them right away. I usually freeze the majority and keep a small amount in the refrigerator for daily use.

Here we have white onions, green onions, jalepenos, and tomatoes. I will use them tomorrow when cooking Chicken Bruschetta. The sauce is marinating overnight prior to cooking and I will clean and marinate the chicken tomorrow. I saute the sauce for about an hour then add in the chicken. This is served over pasta when finished and tastes like the same dish they serve at Bravo’s.

I am unsure if I will create a category to blog daily cooking or just throw it in with pictures randomly. I am still getting used to the blog tools and imagine I will reorganize many times.


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